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Why aren’t we making progress at the pace we desire in building truly inclusive organizations? In our over 4 decades in large organizations as diverse leaders, we helped our organizations make real progress. But, we were in rooms where decisions are made and also saw the reasons progress stalls.

As practitioners, we know that inclusion lives or dies in every moment of truth, every critical interaction or decision where we come across as inclusive or not. Leaders make the biggest difference, not as a collective, but as individuals, one decision, one choice , one conversation, one action, one outcome at a time, leading to macro change.

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So we researched extensively, talked to people through Listening Labs and garnered insights and ideas from progressive leaders. This helped us come up with a unique and unconventional solution – Mindful Inclusion.

Mindful Inclusion© is about unlocking the Power of Collective Genius. It is not just about a seat at the table, being heard or feeling wanted, it is about having the power to drive change and impact outcomes that matter most.

Our solution is about helping leaders make better decisions to foster a culture of inclusion in their organization. It is about more inclusive actions, at more moments of truth, more completely.

What we offer

We build inclusive cultures


Equip leaders to make better, more inclusive decisions

Executive Coaching

1-1 Executive Coaching for C-Suite executives to enable them to role model, sponsor, champion & ensure accountability for a culture of Mindful Inclusion© across their organizations

Group Coaching

Group coaching & learning cohort journey for a group of senior executives to enable them to role model, champion, activate & ensure accountability for a culture of Mindful Inclusion© across their teams

Leader Workshop

Workshop to enable leaders to role model, activate, cascade & ensure accountability for a culture of Mindful Inclusion©


Supercharge team engagement & cohesion

Team workshops

Intact teams workshop to enable team leaders and their teams to role model, activate, cascade & ensure accountability for a culture of Mindful Inclusion©

Team Coaching

Inclusion coaching for teams to activate, integrate into ways of working & ensure accountability for a culture of Mindful Inclusion©


Power the ecosystem to transform org cultures

Ecosystem Diagnostics

Assessment, diagnostics & solutions to connect the dots across the ecosystem that influence the culture of inclusion in organizations

De-biasing Talent Processes

Assessment, diagnostics & solutions to improve inclusiveness of talent processes using the Mindful Inclusion© framework


Ignite & empower a grassroots inclusion movement

Listening Labs

Small group listening to unearth insights from across the organization


Build appreciation & desire to experiment with Mindful Inclusion© solutions

Bite sized learning

Build appreciation & desire to experiment with specific areas of Mindful Inclusion© solutions

Enabling ERGs

Sessions for ERGs to learn & champion Mindful Inclusion© approaches

We can help you accelerate progress. Get in touch with us.

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