Inclusion Action Tip # 31

How to build an Inclusive Team Culture

1. Ensure each team member gets your time and attention equitably

2. Maximize the Power of 1x1s

3. Create a safe space for real dialogue

4. Make the Power of Collective Genius of the team obvious, tothem

5. Don’t assume positive intent. Explain intent.

6. Be radically data based, transparent, & equitable in all your decisions

7. Discourage politics

8. Build a FeedForward culture

9. Make your team meetings Inclusive – Ensure voices are heard, conversations breathe, ideas get oxygen

10. Value substance over style

Inclusion Action Tip # 30

How to Eliminate Hiring Bias?

1. Create an Inclusive Job Description

2. Define requirements, in detail, in terms of situational context, and the outcomes a candidate needs to have delivered. 

3. Expand sources of talent

4. Be data & evidence based and objective in your selection criteria

5. Be data & evidence based in assessing candidates against the criteria

6. Check for stereotypes and biases

7. Assess outcomes over time

Inclusion Action Tip # 29

How to be an inclusive leader

1. Build your Diversity Mindset

2. Learn their stories. Know your people

3. Commit to conscious action and be inclusive at every Moment of Truth

4. Eliminate bias in hiring 

5. Eliminate bias in promotion and advancement

6. Build an Inclusive Team Culture

7. Hold yourself accountable!

Inclusion Action Tip # 24

Seek out different points of view. Curate friends who have unique perspectives on issues. Understanding the multiple facets of an issue helps us build robust solutions.

Try this : This week, have a conversation with a friend on an issue where you disagree, with the intention of understanding their view, and finding common ground.

Inclusion Action Tip # 23

Unconscious biases are enabled by lack of facts and data, and over reliance on biased information sources. Strengthen your objectivity and analytical capability, distinguish fact from fiction, fact check and rely on multiple reputable sources of unbiased information.

Start this week!