power shift

Shahana Banerjee on The Power Shift Podcast

The Power Shift Podcast is all about redefining the idea of “power” and using it for good. Shahana Banerjee talks to Dr. Sharon Melnick about how to find our power, how to be a change agent, how power works in an organization, how leaders can use their power to help people blossom, empowering leaders, some jaw dropping data, and a few stories (even an embarrassing one!)

Inclusion Action Tip # 29

How to be an inclusive leader 1. Build your Diversity Mindset 2. Learn their stories. Know your people 3. Commit to conscious action and be inclusive at every Moment of Truth 4. Eliminate bias in hiring  5. Eliminate bias in promotion and advancement 6. Build an Inclusive Team Culture 7. Hold yourself accountable!