Inclusion Action Tip # 24

Seek out different points of view. Curate friends who have unique perspectives on issues. Understanding the multiple facets of an issue helps us build robust solutions. Try this : This week, have a conversation with a friend on an issue where you disagree, with the intention of understanding their view, and finding common ground.

Inclusion Action Tip # 23

Unconscious biases are enabled by lack of facts and data, and over reliance on biased information sources. Strengthen your objectivity and analytical capability, distinguish fact from fiction, fact check and rely on multiple reputable sources of unbiased information. Start this week!

Inclusion Action Tip # 20

Seek out Diverse Reverse Mentors. They can help us explore  different perspectives, stories, realities and understand challenges of those different from us, and how we can help. Try this: Identify a Diverse reverse mentor in your team. Give them the license to be brutally honest. Start this week!

Inclusion Action Tip # 19

Seek Diverse Role Models in the Everyday Heroes around us, not just in distant famous people or celebrities. Covid-19 shone a spotlight on these frontline heroes, and their impact in our lives. Try this: Identify a diverse role model in your vicinity and what you want to learn from them. Start this week!

Inclusion Action Tip # 18

Create space for conversation. Ask open ended questions, explore the topic, don’t assume the answer, further the conversation. Statements like “we’ve always done it this way”, “we’ve tried this before”, “this won’t work here” are idea killers. Try this : In your next team meeting, try your best to further the conversation, rather than throttle it.

Inclusion Action Tip # 17

Surround sound ideas of Diverse talent. Repeat it, build on it, highlight its value, continue the dialogue, call attention to it. Diverse talent often find their ideas discounted and dismissed without adequate consideration. Try this : In your team meeting, listen for good ideas, and amplify. Start today!