The Mindful Leadership Podcast

What is the most important capability for leaders of the future? There is a long, ever growing list of capabilities! But, what is the one underlying capability that is a force multiplier for all others? It is the ability to navigate through all the noise, distractions and pressures, to make thoughtful, conscious decisions that are better for you, for your people, for your customers and for your organization. 

The key question is how do we know if our brain is making quality decisions consciously and thoughtfully or taking short cuts unconsciously? How do we know if we are busy AND effective or just too busy to be effective? That is where mindful leadership comes in. It is about breaking the automaticity of our actions, examining them, and shifting them in the direction we want. 

In this podcast, we talk to leaders who do just that. They challenge status quo and existing paradigms, and do different things differently

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