My hopes for a post-COVID world

In the post COVID future, will we focus more on mental health?

We tend to think of mental health as an all-or-nothing concept, either “we’re fine” or we need medical help. That is far from true.

In the post COVID future, will we be able to work from our dream location?

If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would you choose to be? Is remote working here to stay?

In the post COVID future, will we be more inclusive?

Who we are, at home and at work, have never been more blended, than they are today. Will this make us more inclusive of our diversity?

In the post COVID future, will we see a new kind of leader emerge?

Leaders came under the burning glare of a million spotlights, in an instant, as our world changed.

In the post COVID future, will we finally prioritize outcome over activity?

Has COVID forced us to reevaluate what is on our plate, ruthlessly prioritize outcome, and focus on what is most important.

Diversity wins

The only common thread between the stories of heartbreak and hope, those who caught the virus, and those who fought it bravely, is their diversity.

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5 tips to lead a high performing team remotely

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