5 tips to survive meetings during Covid 19

Over the last 2 weeks, we have seen research and articles on remote workers clocking in 3 extra hours on average, lunch breaks vanishing, increasing expectations and pressure from stakeholders to be available early mornings, late evenings and weekends, and universal Zoom exhaustion. We have to acknowledge the toll this is taking on us. Jeff … More 5 tips to survive meetings during Covid 19

2 sides of the coin

Thank Goodness the coin has 2 sides! There is some divine logic and poetic justice in this fact. It gives the impression that somewhere in universe there is a delicate balance – there is multi-dimensionality, as against polarity. That alone is enough to make me happy… confused… but happy. I like the fact that there … More 2 sides of the coin

Hard(ly) working!

Recently I had a very interesting and rather amusing encounter that was so moving that I just had to write about it! Like normal people I tend to enjoy my Sundays and guard them rather zealously against invasion by the ‘weekend warriors’. Recently I was approached by a couple of HR professionals who wanted some … More Hard(ly) working!