Inclusion Action Tip # 12

How Diverse is your Network? A diverse network brings richness & depth to our thinking  Try this: Create a Diversity Map. Look at your contacts, LI connections, or FB friends. How many cities, countries, industries, organizations, functions, roles, religions, gender, race, organization levels, socio-economic classes would they represent? Is anyone missing? Reach out! Try this …

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Inclusion Action Tip # 7

Inclusion is about MOMENTS of TRUTH. Leaders can come across as either as Inclusive, or Not, in every critical interaction from career conversations to team meetings, 1x1s to interviews, hiring assessments to promotion selections. Unconscious bias is an excuse. Let’s focus on conscious actions. 

Inclusion Action Tip # 5

Lead with Respect. Start with curiosity. When we are curious, we are open…to learn, to question, to understand, to see different sides of the story, to discover our similarities rather than obsess over our differences. Open mind, open heart! Try this: Ask yourself ; “What can I learn from this person?”. Focusing on the positive …

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