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8 questions to ask yourself as you ‘return to work’

Flexible working is not just about where the work happens. It is about the ecosystem that enables remote workers to be successful. Here are the questions that employees have about remote work.

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Shahana Banerjee on The Power Shift Podcast

The Power Shift Podcast is all about redefining the idea of “power” and using it for good. Shahana Banerjee talks to Dr. Sharon Melnick about how to find our power, how to be a change agent, how power works in an organization, how leaders can use their power to help people blossom, empowering leaders, some jaw dropping data, and a few stories (even an embarrassing one!)

return to work

Flexibility and Remote Work – What are employees thinking of?

Flexible working is not just about where the work happens. It is about the ecosystem that enables remote workers to be successful. Here are the questions that employees have about remote work.

14 Insights from 10+ Surveys on Return to Work

Are you trying to make sense of Return to Work surveys and trying to make sense of how they correlate to Employee Engagement and Resilience? We collated 14 key insights for you in 1 simple infographic.

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Return to work – 4 types of companies

What approach is your company taking on return to work post pandemic? Read about the 4 types of company responses. Where is your company on this spectrum?

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Return to work (place) or not?

Return to work (place) or not? Employees and employers seem to be on two different pages of two completely different books when it comes to return to work (place).

Do we ever want to go back to our life before the pandemic?

We quit, decided to take a year off, moved across the country to a tiny, quaint ocean side town. This is where we landed after a year of pandemic lockdowns. This is our story.

Is it ok to cry at work?

Is it ok to cry at work? What do the tears mean? What are common myths about emotions at work. What should you do if a colleague tears up.

Spreading a little hope … accidentally

An annual tradition to manufacture hope, when it isn’t easy to find.

Who am I in a crisis?

Who are you in a crisis? How do you show up? Are you a giver or taker, maze or a map, island or a bridge, rainbow or a cloud? Explore this and more with the ONLY question you need to ask yourself in 2020.

20 Reflections on 2020

2020 was the year of the human, reimagining leadership, future of work, diversity & inclusion and capitalism.

How to eliminate bias in hiring

Every decision we make on the road to a final selection, is a conscious choice to either be inclusive or not. We have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to be intentional and deliberate about each of these micro- decisions, that leads up to the final hiring decision.

How to build an Inclusive Team Culture

Inclusion is the Power of Collective Genius, and you have the key to unlock it. It is about Moments of Truth – critical interactions with people where you come across as inclusive, or not. Here are practical tips, simple and clear conscious actions that will help you build an inclusive team culture.

How to be an inclusive leader

Inclusion is about the Power of Collective Genius that fosters innovation, problem solving, and unlocks progress. It is having the power to drive positive change. You think you are inclusive, but are you? Here are 5 tips to start your journey to be an inclusive leader.

What is your Diversity Quotient?

We all believe we appreciate diversity and are inclusive. But are we really? The journey to Equality has to start with an honest look in the mirror. Join me in exploring our Diversity Quotient.

Respect Equality. Respect Life.

The Power of Respect is core to strengthening the fabric of our society. Spending a day volunteering in a prison helped me reflect on how we can be a force for good, in these times.

In the post COVID future, will we focus more on mental health?

We tend to think of mental health as an all-or-nothing concept, either “we’re fine” or we need medical help. That is far from true.

In the post COVID future, will we be able to work from our dream location?

If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would you choose to be? Is remote working here to stay?

In the post COVID future, will we be more inclusive?

Who we are, at home and at work, have never been more blended, than they are today. Will this make us more inclusive of our diversity?

In the post COVID future, will we see a new kind of leader emerge?

Leaders came under the burning glare of a million spotlights, in an instant, as our world changed.


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