This blog is not about human resources.

It is about people at work – their motivations, their triumphs and tragedies, their gut wrenching strife and struggles and their heartwarming stories of winning against odds, changing the world for the better.

Just Human | Not Resources

Just human | Not resources is dedicated to seeing people as people, as complete human beings, at work. People are capable of incredible things. We are committed to unlock human potential, connect people to purpose and strategy, and deliver growth for the organization and the individual. 

The future of work is getting incredibly complex, as our lives become increasingly interconnected, inextricably intertwined and international. Our only hope is the infinity of human potential. 

This site gives you the real deal. Real stories, real experiences, real insights, with all the warts, bumps, bruises and nuances that reflect reality on every topic related people and work.  

This is for people, people leaders, HR leaders and organizations, and is the site I wish I had, when I needed just a little nugget of inspiration to lift me up, or a little idea that opened horizons and helped me explore innovative solutions.

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About me

Shahana Banerjee

I love a challenge. So I chose a profession where no two days could possibly be alike! Two decades, Fortune 500 companies, and some globe trotting later, I am as fascinated by the dynamics of people in organizations today, as I was when I started.

I meet smart, talented people, all the time, who are looking for advice and coaching on getting hired, building their careers, growing as a leader, and inspiring teams, and organizations, who are striving to build an inclusive and vibrant workplace.

I believe that the greatest workplace challenges of our time can only be solved through open collaboration. Good ideas need oxygen. And they need to be democratized, so anyone in the world who needs a little help, has access to them. I hope you find that help here.

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