Who we are

We are about people at work – their motivations, their triumphs and tragedies, their gut wrenching strife and struggles and their heartwarming stories of winning against odds, changing the world for the better.

Just Human | Not Resources

Just Human | Not Resources is dedicated to seeing people as people, as complete human beings, at work. People are capable of incredible things. We are committed to unlock human potential, connect people to purpose and strategy, and deliver growth for the organization and the individual. 

The future of work is getting incredibly complex, as our lives become increasingly interconnected, inextricably intertwined and international. Our only hope is the infinity of human potential. 

Our purpose at Just Human | Not Resources is to help make work more meaningful, workplaces more human and the world more equal. Our mission is to eliminate Monday morning blues by humanizing work cultures & leadership.

We hope this site gives you the real deal. Real stories, real experiences, real insights, with all the warts, bumps, bruises and nuances that reflect reality on every topic related to people and work.  

This site is for people, people leaders, HR leaders and organizations, and is the site we wish we had, when we needed just a little nugget of inspiration to lift us up, or a little idea that opened horizons and helped us explore innovative solutions.

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