In the post-COVID future, will we be more inclusive?

As we work from home, we realize that

We are more similar than we are different

We have a unique window into our colleagues lives, their challenges and joys. Who we are, at home and at work, have never been more blended, than they are today. Seeing people as individuals, and not a demographic or a representative of their race, religion or nationality, helps us find common ground and value our differences. 

Diversity wins

The pandemic has proven how intermingled, intertwined and international our lives have become, even when we don’t step outside. The common thread between the stories of heartbreak and hope, between those who caught the virus and those who fought it bravely is their diversity. We have come closer as a global community than ever before.

Opening our networks increases awareness of our unconscious biases and reduces politics

Workplaces are often tales of haves and have-nots – those who are constantly networking, schmoozing, wining & dining, with key decision makers, and those who aren’t. Research shows that this lack of network, and consequent lack of mentors and sponsors disproportionately disadvantages minorities, introverts and diverse talent. Remote working is making a dent on this gap. Opening networks is a step towards leveling the playing field. 

What do you think?

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