In the post-COVID future, will we see a new kind of leader emerge?

Leaders came under the burning glare of a million spotlights, in an instant, as our world changed. We saw exceptional leaders step up, be vulnerable, be authentic, be transparent, be accountable and be driven by care and concern for their employees and customers. Whether it is CEOs taking pay cuts before impacting their people, CIOs and teams standing up complex infrastructure overnight, CHROs and teams creating policies and support systems real-time, or the unique collaborations between government, academia and companies to develop vaccines and treatment, or restaurateurs serving communities and providing jobs even with declining business, or incredible hospital leadership; they are all leading from the front. 

Photo by Photo by Akil Mazumder on

The 3 differentiating qualities of inspiring leaders at this time are

They are redefining what strength looks like in the new world. And it is all about vulnerability, courage, and resilience. 

They are living their Purpose and it is evident and transparent that they are using Purpose and values as the cornerstone of their decisions

They are Empowering their people, and inspiring innovation and new ways of solving problems, enabling and helping people deal with change 

What do you think?

Photo by Photo by Akil Mazumder on

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