In the post-COVID future, will we prioritize better and finally value outcome more than activity?

Think of your pre-Covid typical work day.

Think about how busy you were, connecting with your passion, and doing what you love…, whilst navigating through a maze of processes, activities, approvals, complex matrix organizations, metrics and meetings that aren’t the most value added. 

As the pandemic spread,

We had to review what is on our plate, ruthlessly prioritize, and focus on what is most important.

We are collaborating and connecting in novel ways to make millions of decisions that move our organization forward, while doing our best for our families.

It is fascinating to see the clarity and perspective we gain, when we have no time, and an endless to- do list to get to.

Clear priorities, and limited time to accomplish them in, enable us to focus on outcome, rather than activity, or hours worked. 

As we return to the workplace, will we prioritize better, eliminate the non value added, and focus more on outcome, than activity? 

What do you think? 

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